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Bagpipe Tunes and Their Stories

Take a fascinating trip through the world of bagpipe music: a journey in time covering the history of this wonderful instrument. Bagpipe Tunes and Their Stories: Old Times to 1950 features over 350 stories behind the unique bagpipe tunes that were composed before 1950.

Bagpipes are at the centre of a vibrant culture that has grown over many generations and continues to fascinate music lovers throughout the world. This book unearths stories connected with well-known tunes that were played and written before 1950. A tribute to the rich heritage of bagpipe music, it is captivating reading for long-time bagpipe enthusiasts as well as people less familiar with this distinctive instrument.

You’ll become acquainted with a wide range of bagpipe tunes, from the Scottish Highlands to the hills of Ireland and beyond. In addition, you’ll learn about the occasions for which they were composed and interpreted.

Author Susy Klinger, a well-known music expert and bagpipe enthusiast, has put her broad-ranging knowledge and passionate musical interest into this book. She has done many years of research in Scotland and neighbouring countries, conducted numerous interviews with famous pipers and thoroughly studied bagpipe music in order to put together this collection of stories and personal portraits. The book is a treasure chest of musical discoveries, encompassing everything from traditional ballads to lively dance melodies.

The wealth of information on bagpipe tunes is supplemented by carefully selected photos and illustrations that bring the atmosphere and culture of the relevant period to life. Each page is an invitation to delve into the past and become absorbed in stories of times gone by.

Order your copy now and let yourself be inspired by this fascinating survey of music history.

Bagpipe Tutorial Book | for Kids and Adults

Congratulations! You have purchased one of the most comprehensive textbooks for children for learning the bagpipes. Recommended by the best pipers in the world! The children’s textbook is suitable for absolute beginners from the age of 6 as a companion book to the lessons. In our bagpipe school, your child will receive pedagogical tuition of the highest level.

The Bagpipe Tutorial for Children contains many tunes composed by our teacher Susy Klinger. Furthermore, it contains the most important finger techniques as well as many exercises that your child needs to successfully learn the bagpipes. Fairy Flora and Patrick MacCrimmon guide your child through the textbook and show how to learn the bagpipes from scratch with playful exercises.

This book is also used for training purposes by many bagpipe youth bands as well as bagpipe schools. Its aim is to give the learning child a technically and musically solid foundation and expert guidance on the route to becoming an accomplished piper.

To complement the Bagpipe Tutorial for Children, we recommend the Bagpipe Tutorial App. The app is the world’s most comprehensive multimedia reference work for fingering techniques that are needed for playing the bagpipes. With the help of over 250 soundtracks and visual displays, your child will learn all the note combinations, embellishments, all the tunes found in the Bagpipe Tutorial as well as many important exercises needed in playing the Scottish bagpipes. With the Bagpipe Tutorial App you always have all the videos for the exercises and tunes available with you on your smart phone or tablet for your child.

Susy Klinger’s Bagpipe Tutorial for Children sets a milestone in expertly teaching children how to play the Scottish bagpipes. Do you have any questions about playing the bagpipes or are you looking for the right practice chanter? Send us an e-mail. We will be pleased to advise you in detail.

With its very well structured bagpipe tutor, the many small steps are well combined with the individual songs, which makes learning very easy.

Andreas Herrmann

Bagpipe Tutorial Book | for Adults

About the Bagpipe Tutorial: Recommended by the best pipers in the world! Bruce Hitchings, Michael Grey, Robert Watt, Willie McCallum, Dixie Ingram, Rory Grossart and many more.

You have purchased one of the most professional and popular books for learning the bagpipes. It includes many famous and traditional melodies (Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday, Highroad to Gairloch, Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol, etc.), all the finger techniques, and in contrast to other bagpipe books it has many exercises that you will need to learn the bagpipes successfully.

The book is suitable for absolute beginners all the way to intermediate pipers. You can study on your own or use it as a classroom companion book. In 28 easy-to-understand lessons, you will find crystal-clear instructions on how to play the bagpipes from scratch. This book is also used for training purposes by many professional bands and bagpipe schools. Its aim is to give the student a technically and musically solid foundation and expert guidance on the route to becoming an accomplished piper.

The Bagpipe Tutorial App, which is available from your app store, is perfectly matched to the Bagpipe Tutorial book. Besides the tunes in the book, it contains more than 250 exercise videos covering all the fingering techniques, embellishments and grace notes that you will need in bagpipe playing. The information is in soundtracks and visual displays, with close-ups of the chanter fingerings at different speeds to help you learn them more easily.

You will also need a practice chanter to train your finger technique and your first songs. What you learn will only be transferred to the big set of bagpipes after a couple of months. The practice chanter will accompany you all through your life with the bagpipes. You will learn the fingering of new tunes on the chanter and continuously improve your fingering technique with it.

This book, a milestone in the teaching of the Scottish bagpipes, will help beginners and intermediate players to achieve rapid success. It is a professional educational tool for playing and understanding the bagpipes.

But the new bagpipe tutor app is the icing on the cake. It brings together all the previous publications of the Bagpipe School.
It’s like having an acoustic reference work wherever you go.
Even the flashcards are connected interactively, and all the exercises and embellishments can be seen and heard.
In a 5-star rating system I would give it a 6 …

Bernhard Kleespiess

Bagpipe Tutorial App | for Kids and Adults

Please click on the image to see a preview.


The bagpipe tutorial app, recommended by the world’s top pipers

This app is recommended by Bruce Hitchings, Michael Grey, Robert Watt, Willie McCallum, Dixie Ingram, Rory Grossart and many other renowned pipers!

Learn to play the bagpipes in a series of easy steps. The app is ideal for independent study or as support for instruction. It includes:

  • More than 250 videos, playable at different speeds
  • All the exercises and tunes in the bagpipe tutorial book
  • More than 100 embellishment exercises
  • Offline access to all videos after the app has been downloaded
  • A practical metronome
  • Available in three languages (French, English, German)

The bagpipe tutorial app is the world’s most comprehensive multimedia reference on Scottish bagpipe handling and fingering. It contains more than 250 videos, allowing you to learn by listening and watching. In addition to covering grace notes and embellishments, it includes all the tunes from the bagpipe tutorial book and many important bagpipe exercises.

Test the app by downloading the free light version or get the full version, which has all of the features and functions.

Light Version:

Full Version:

This App is a milestone in the teaching of the Scottish bagpipes. Easily understandable and thorough, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in piping. The bagpipe tutorial book is an ideal supplement.

Bagpipe Tutorial Book & App

The BOOK is perfectly matched to the APP

The perfekt combination!


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